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When facing divorce and divorce-related matters, particularly in a divorce in which substantial assets may be at stake, it is in your best interest to retain a lawyer with a reputation for skill, efficiency and reliability.   Our office has handled complex divorce cases for more than three decades.

Our reputation as the "go to" law firm in northeast Georgia is widespread - we handle complex divorce cases, and we're good at it. If you are contemplating divorce, contact us.

We also handle all accompanying legal matters, including:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Tracking hidden assets
  • Property division
  • Assets transfer
  • Premarital agreements

Efficient, Collaborative, Results-Oriented

If you are facing a complex divorce, your best plan of action is to hire an experienced and skilled domestic relations lawyer. In northeast Georgia, John F. Lyndon is the attorney you should call.

We will file a divorce complaint to initiate a divorce action. We'll also file the needed financial affidavits, child support worksheet and schedules, parenting plan and other documents required by the courts.

If immediate court relief is needed, we will expedite the process and present the matter to a judge quickly.

We will work with you to identify and document yours and your spouse's marital and non-marital assets and debts. If you or your spouse have an interest in a pension plan, individual retirement account (IRA), or employer-sponsored defined contribution plan such as a 401(k), we will determine the nature of the asset and its value. We'll advise you as to how to handle these assets and their division to minimize tax consequences, and will prepare the necessary documents to effect the division of these assets if required by your final decree.

If necessary, we will retain the services of reputable private investigators (PIs), certified public accountants (CPAs), real estate appraisers and business evaluators to locate hidden or transferred assets and to assess the accurate value of his or her assets.

Many of the courts in our area require that divorcing parties attempt to resolve their cases through the process of mediation.  We strongly believe that mediation is a viable, cost-saving, effective way to achieve a fair settlement of many cases, and we prepare for mediation as thoroughly as we would for a hearing or trial. The courts often appoint mediators, but we generally suggest the use of private mediators who are skilled experts in achieving results. Either way, when you go to the mediation session, you will have John Lyndon by your side throughout to advise you.

Contact us if you face complex divorce issues.

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