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Post-Decree Modification & Enforcement

Post-Divorce Decree Modification

A divorce decree is far from static. Changes in the circumstances of the parties may require modifications of the original decree to suit prevailing conditions and serve the best interests of the child or children. We'll fight to change child custody and visitation arrangements that are no longer workable. If there has been a substantial change in the financial circumstances of your or your former spouse, or the needs of your child, we can pursue a modification of child support on your behalf.

Post-Divorce Decree Enforcement

A court's divorce decree is legally binding on the parties involved in a divorce. A party who doesn't comply with the terms of the decree violates the law. At the Law Offices of John F. Lyndon, we represent clients on both sides of the issue - those trying to enforce a decree and those being sued for not following one. If you have post-divorce decree enforcement concerns, contact us to schedule a consultation.

Our post-divorce decree practice focuses on issues such as:

  • Failure to pay child support or other financial obligations for the child
  • Failure to honor the child custody arrangement or visitation schedule
  • Failure to pay alimony
  • Failure to refinance mortgage(s), transfer assets or pay debts

Failure to comply with a court's divorce order can have serious consequences, and you should have an experienced lawyer by your side if you are facing a contempt of court action.

On the other hand, if you have a non-compliant former spouse, we can advise you as to your remedies and ask the court to hold him or her in contempt. We will be prepared to present your case effectively and seek the maximum relief, including payment of your attorney fees.

Contact us if you face post-divorce decree enforcement or modification issues.

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