Protecting Your Relationship With Your Children

Child custody and visitation disputes are often emotional and stressful because of the importance of the outcome to all parties. We helped clients face child custody disputes by providing straightforward and practical legal services in a supportive environment. We understand what is at stake in these matters and will work hard to protect the relationship you have with your children.

Factors Considered By The Court

The courts consider many factors in determining the kind of custody or visitation arrangement that will be in the child’s best interest, including:

  • Degree of parental involvement in caring for the child
  • Parental conduct and stability
  • The ability of the parents to communicate, to cooperate with each other and to keep the child out of the conflict
  • The child’s special needs, if any

We are experienced in contacting teachers, health care providers, friends and others who may be able to assist in your custody or visitation case. Some cases may benefit from having the court appoint a guardian ad litem who can interview the children, investigate the facts and make recommendations to the court as to custody.

Unique And Changing Circumstances

Custody issues are not always the result of divorcing parents. In some family law cases, persons other than the parents, such as grandparents, aunts or uncles, may have a legal basis for seeking custody. We have successfully handled such cases and can evaluate the possibility of a positive outcome for you.

If your child was born out of wedlock, you can establish paternity. Paternity actions establish both the rights and responsibilities of the father, including support and custody or visitation. We facilitate this process efficiently and effectively.

Custody and support issues are never written in stone. The courts understand that circumstances change over time and a child’s needs may change with them. If you need to modify your custody or support order due to a change of circumstance, we can help.

Experienced Child Support Representation

Child support disputes are complicated and require significant financial investigation and documentation, as well as a thorough understanding of the child support laws in Georgia. John Lyndon has spoken at educational seminars for attorneys and judges regarding child support statutes and how they should be implemented. He has the necessary focus, experience and knowledge to handle your child support case.

Are You Involved In A Child Custody Dispute?

Contact us if you face child custody and child support issues and let us help you find the right solution for you and your family. Call our Athens office at 706-546-7953 or reach out online.