Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Family Law

Last updated on November 21, 2023

Divorce and family law issues can raise many questions. Attorney John Lyndon has been assisting clients in these matters for forty years and has handled countless issues regarding divorce, child custody and support and the legal process. Here are a few common questions clients ask:

What Can I Expect From The Law Offices of John F. Lyndon?

  • Sound, objective counsel. You can be confident that the advice you receive from John Lyndon will be based on years of experience and study of the law, as well as familiarity with our legal community and the judicial system.
  • Creative legal strategy. Each family law case is unique. John Lyndon will explain your legal options, and together, you will choose a plan designed to meet your particular needs and personal situation.
  • Confidentiality. You are entitled under the law to expect that any information concerning you and your legal matters will be held in the strictest confidence by all staff members. Our clients’ trust is of the utmost importance to us, and we will protect your privacy in every respect.
  • Responsiveness. Open communication between you and our office is the basis for a successful attorney-client partnership. We welcome your telephone calls, your questions and your concerns, and we will respond as quickly as possible. In an emergency, your needs will become our highest priority.

How Much Will It Cost To Retain John Lyndon?

We will provide you with a written explanation of our billing policy when you retain us, and any questions you have can be addressed at that time. Clients generally pay for our services on an hourly basis.  We will charge you a retainer fee, the amount of which will depend upon the nature and complexity of your legal matter.  The retainer will prepay for a certain number of hours of legal services, after which you will be billed on a monthly basis, and if the retainer has been expended, any balance due will be payable upon your receipt of the monthly statement.

Will I Have To Go To Court?

A mediated or negotiated settlement is always the preferred resolution of litigation, especially in a divorce or custody dispute, where a hearing or trial sometimes serves only to deepen the anger and bitterness already existing between the parties. Our objective, therefore, is to achieve the desired legal result without resorting to an adversarial court proceeding. Most courts in the northeast Georgia area require that domestic cases be submitted to a private or court-appointed mediator before proceeding to trial, thereby presenting another opportunity for settlement. Only if mediation fails will you have to go to trial.

Can This Firm Handle A Case Involving Significant Assets And Complex Financial Issues?

If significant income, property, retirement or business interests are at stake in your divorce, you need an attorney who has handled many matters similar to yours, not one who will use your case as a learning tool. John Lyndon’s experience and his working association with highly qualified experts, such as appraisers and accountants, will help ensure that your interests are protected.

What Can I Do As A Client To Achieve A Good Result And Also Save Money In Legal Fees?

Your relationship with our office is a partnership. We are committed to providing you the best legal services possible. These guidelines help us meet your goals and keep your legal fees down:

  • Bring court documents, financial records, notes, diaries or other written information you think may be important to your case.
  • Be as brief as you can in conferences and telephone calls. Prepare a list of your questions so you won’t forget to discuss something important.
  • Arrange for child care before you come to our office. We do not have facilities to properly watch your children, and your conferences with us will be more productive if you are not distracted.
  • Maintain a file with all correspondence, court pleadings and mailings from our office.
  • Always feel free to raise any questions you may have about our services or fees. The sooner we address problems, the quicker we can resolve them.

Have More Questions?

Please reach out to our office to get answers to the questions you have about your case. Call us at 706-546-7953 or fill out our online form.