Dividing Your Assets During Divorce

Last updated on February 24, 2021

Georgia is an equitable distribution state. This means that during the property division process of divorce, you must begin by creating an inventory of all assets owned by you and your spouse. Each piece must be classified as either separate or marital. Here, we have a list to help you understand the difference between separate and marital assets, but every situation is different and is best reviewed by an attorney.

Property considered separate:

  • Most property bought by an individual before legal marriage
  • Generally, any assets willed to an individual party by another, even if it was during the marriage

Marital property:

  • Typically, assets acquired jointly during the marriage
  • Most property attained during marriage, even if only one party purchased it
  • Some property owned separately before marriage (ex. house), but improved during the marriage

Property and assets are dealt with differently depending on how they are classified. Working with John Lyndon means that we will properly classify and value your assets. We will work together to fairly distribute assets between the divorcing parties. We will also work to protect you from asset concealment by your former spouse.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Is Our First Choice

At The Law Offices of John F. Lyndon, we always view alternative dispute resolutions as the best option. With options such as mediation and negotiation, we strive to find solutions that help you maintain productive family relationships, especially when children are involved. John Lyndon is a skilled ADR attorney and will provide support and advice in whichever route you choose.

If litigation proves necessary in your divorce, we will work to keep interactions civil and productive.

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